A Beckoning

For Diane and Rick

Sitting in a rocking chair on the porch,
the early morning sun warming,
a quiet ocean,
small waves gently breaking open on the beach,
the vast ocean stretched out with nothing disturbing the panoply
but one fishing boat half way to the horizon.
A light breeze commences.
Two seagulls find air current and sail, unmoving,
apparently simply enjoying the gift.
A line of pelicans, 13 to be exact,
skims the water picking up the small updraft from the swell,
enough to give them buoyancy into the breeze.
I cannot think of a better way to begin a late July day.
A beckoning to stop watch listen breathe in breathe out.


  1. Blair Monie says:

    I could almost smell the sea. Love to you all. Blair

  2. Pam Byers says:

    Thanks for letting the rest of us share this beautiful scene, and reminder!

  3. Larry McCracken says:

    Almost the same thing on the left coast…but not quite. No sun today, seals barking and tons of kayakers exploring the La Jolla caves, but still wonderful to be on our ocean walk together this morning. Miss you.

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