Preach About God

When I have occasion to visit a seminary or divinity school and talk with students I am impressed that they seem to know why they are there and what they believe. My recollection is that I enrolled in order to figure out what I believed and whether or not I believed at all. I showed […]

Olympic Reflections

I love the Winter Olympics, summer too for that matter, look forward to television coverage, read whatever I can about the aspiring athletes ahead of time, follow their progress through the various world championship events that serve as a run-up to the big event, the Olympic Games. I’m grateful that Olympic officials decided several years […]

Remembering Ralph

Ralph Kiner died yesterday. He was 91 but in my mind he is, and always will be, a strapping, young, home run slugging left fielder for the Pittsburgh Pirates. It was Kiner who introduced me to the beauty and mystery of baseball, a love I have maintained and enjoyed all my life. I was eight […]

Welcoming the Stranger

In my retirement I have made an important discovery. A Christian ritual meant to affirm community, love and unity among believers, can also be exclusive, awkward and off-putting to people who are not part of the community. I have never been a fan of Passing the Peace for that reason. It served an important purpose […]

Dismantling Christmas

I do not like the task of dismantling our Christmas tree. Before I retired I always found a way to be unavailable when the day came to put Christmas away for another year, occupied with urgent responsibilities elsewhere. Now I have no excuse. It is Epiphany, the 12th day of Christmas and the job must […]