Building Walls instead of Bridges

I simply do not know what to say about Donald Trump. I grew up in a home where what was going on in the world and in the nation was talked about regularly at the dinner table. Politics was often a spirited discussion between my father, a dyed-in-the-wool Republican and conservative in almost all his […]

Love Has Good Manners

Among the voices I rely on to be honest, intellectually stimulating and morally grounded is David Brooks’. In addition to reading his New York Times editorials, I try not to miss the “Shields and Brooks” segment of the PBS News Hour on Friday evenings. Brooks is a thoughtful conservative who regularly drops references to the great […]

On Birthdays and Growing Older

I just celebrated a birthday, my 78th, with my wife and two of our children and their spouses at one of my favorite restaurants, The Marine Room, in LaJolla, California. The restaurant sits directly on the beach and huge spot lights illuminate the waves breaking seemingly just outside the wall of floor-to -ceiling plate glass […]