Beach Reading: 2016 Edition

There is something about being at the beach, in addition to virtually commanding one to slow down, sit, look, listen and ponder the magnificence of creation, that has always invited me to read. It has always been that way, even with five children and assorted friends to feed, supervise and entertain, when whatever reading I […]

Lectio Divina

Part of the magic of time at the ocean is that as soon as I arrive I shift gears and slow down. I don’t particularly intend to. It just happens and over the years I have come to be very grateful for it. I awaken early and there is something about a house on the […]

A Beckoning

For Diane and Rick Sitting in a rocking chair on the porch, the early morning sun warming, a quiet ocean, small waves gently breaking open on the beach, the vast ocean stretched out with nothing disturbing the panoply but one fishing boat half way to the horizon. A light breeze commences. Two seagulls find air […]