An Absence of Humility

153 Evangelical leaders convened recently in Nashville under the auspices of the Council on Biblical Manhood and Biblical Womanhood and issued a statement on sexuality. Signers include some of the most prominent and influential leaders in the Evangelical family: James Dobson, Richard Land, James Robinson, Tony Perkins. The statement targets gay, lesbian and transgender persons […]

One Wild and Precious Life

John Buchanan presented the following lecture at Campbell University, Buies Creek, North Carolina, in January 2015.  People are curious about clergy. Even people who are not particularly church-oriented regard ministers and priests as curiosities. They think we are somehow fundamentally different from everybody else; that we are untouched by the normal matters of life that […]

Lent and Protestants

In the church of my childhood no attention was paid to either Advent or Lent. The words themselves sounded slightly mystical, indicative of strange beliefs and practices of Roman Catholic Friends who didn’t eat meat on Friday, went to confession, crossed themselves at the free throw line and, of all things, showed up at school […]