The Little Ones Among Us

In a recent family conversation about the Trump phenomenon which quickly turned into what Biblical scholars call a “communal lament”, we concluded that the best, most effective thing we can do is ignore him: stop listening to his every word, stop fixating on his television appearances, stop searching the newspaper for the most recent ridiculously […]

A Tiny, Blond Blessing

When there is a person or child with cognitive disabilities in the family, thoughtless euphemisms, even if well-meant, become irritating, often angering. Life with a cognitively challenged person is incredibly demanding. In fact, it is no exaggeration to say that parenting a child with disabilities means added complexity and challenge to every normal, day-to-day activity. […]

Opening Day for a Retired Pastor

Instead of church last Sunday, the first Sunday in September, official “Opening Day”, the kickoff of a new program year which I always looked forward to and dearly loved, I did something equally uplifting and inspiring, maybe more. I attended the Chicago Try Athlon, sponsored by Chicago Special Rec, a division of the Chicago City […]