Tikkun Olam

For years, at the conclusion of public worship, I have used words that come from St. Paul, written 2,000 years ago. “Go into the world in peace and courage. Hold to the Good. Honor all God’s children. Love and serve the Lord, Rejoicing in the power of the Spirit.” Last Sunday, as a guest preacher […]

Loving Chicago

I love living in Chicago. I loved it when I first saw it in 1959 and love it even more today. And yet it is impossible not to be deeply disturbed by the violence on city streets, mostly on the city’s south and west sides. There are multiple shootings literally every night, often resulting in […]

The Shame of the NRA

For several days after the unspeakable carnage at Sandy Hook School in Newtown, Connecticut – 20 first graders and six teachers and administrators executed by a young man methodically firing a semi automatic rifle – I actually believed the most recent tragedy would make a difference in the policy and attitude of the National Rifle […]